In March 2012, fate, music, and an industry bowling party brought them together. Little did they know they would eventually become inseparable. This is their story... abridged.

  • January 1996

    He leaves the Army for a different type of adventure in the world of academics much to the chagrin of his liver and weaker brain cells.

  • December 1997

    She goes on her first date to see the film, Titanic, and cries like a baby. As he drives her back home through the rain, the brakes go out and they rear-end an off duty cop. The evening ends in additional tears, and their dads to the rescue.

  • April 2000

    He drives to Bailey Brothers in Montgomery, AL and drops $2000 on two Turntables, two CD players, a pair of headphones, a mixer and a bunch of Records. His liver whimpers again.

After several text messages, he invites her to see Childish Gambino & Danny Brown at Hard Rock Live with the Promo Only crew. They share a special moment, but the timing wasn’t right... they were too focused on other things to notice.

As they sit inside Mellow Mushroom awaiting their pizza, he says, “Just so you know, this isn’t a date... but don’t tell anyone at the office.”

At 4:30am, in a Waffle House outside Tampa, he says, “I’m going to marry you, Britt.” With a slurred, upper inflection, a tipsy, blanket-wrapped, Britt, asks: “You’re going to marry me?”

The days, weeks, and months go by... They focus on work, pick up additional gigs and dream of taking a vacation...

After dinner at Amangani Resort, they decide to explore the property, to include the men’s restroom, because the 3-year-old in him has to show her the waterfall urinals. They laugh their way into the sitting room where he get’s down on one knee and presents her with a ring clasping the most beautiful green stone she has ever seen... she says, “Yes!” through a face full of happy tears and snot.

Join them in celebrating The Brick Story, and all of the happiness to come.